taking on all manner of daft challenges for Macmillan Cancer Support while living with Chronic Daily Migraine

The Rules

Here are the rules from my 2011 challenge:

So for the entirety of 2011, I'll be avoiding the high street. No chain stores and new clothes. Kind of ironic when this is being lubricated with coffee from a 'Shopaholic' mug.

I am howevever allowed to buy from eBay (hurrah for unwanted Christmas gifts!)

These items are exempt from the challenge:

  1. Underwear/hosiery (ick).
  2. Swimwear
  3. Sportswear and sports shoes
  4. Gifts!? Should I be allowed new clothes for my birthday!?
  5. Jeans. I can never find jeans to fit anyway so may not need to buy any.

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