The Waiting Game + Brain Hospital

By this coming Friday (14 Feb) I should know the next stage of my migraine treatment.

Some of you who are not migraine sufferers may be surprised by what might be coming next, those who suffer chronically are likely to have been through it themselves. I don't want to say any more until I have insurance agreements such, but your support as ever is much required and much appreciated. I have been approved for migraine botox - the only treatment licensed especially for chronic daily migraine, so that's a start anyway.

Did you see Brain Hospital on Channel 5 this week? (UK readers only)

Brains TX Card_v23

The series is set in The Walton Centre, the UK's only dedicated neurosurgical unit in the UK. Episode 1 included a lady, Helga, who suffered hemplegic migraine (which gives paralysis among other symptoms and complications), and unfortunately this progressed to cluster headache (excruciating headache even worse than migraine!). Her neurologist, Dr. Silver (whom several folk in my migraine support group are also under) treats her during one headache episode in his office, using occipital nerve blocks (a steroid-based injection given at the bottom of the head), which I have myself been offered. Helga, if you for some sorry reason find this blog, I really hope things improve for you - I was rooting for you during the TV episode!

Click here to see the first episode before Thursday 13 February.

Soon, my boyfriend will be writing a blog post about how chronic daily migraine has affected me, him, our life together, and most of all, our future. And of course, I'll let you know I get on with my treatment this week *fingers crossed*.

Kim x